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Powerful Innovation Management Software

Manage all your internal and external innovation programs from start to finish, all on one centralized innovation management platform.

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All-In-One Innovation Platform

SkipsoLabs offers a full stack of software solutions to manage all your innovation initiatives.

Challenges & Open Calls

Launch any type of open call, challenge or award program to crowdsource ideas, technologies and innovative startups.

  • Submissions Management

  • Configurable Evaluation Scorecards

  • Judging Application Functionality

Innovation Ecosystem

Consolidate all your organizations’ innovation programs, stakeholders and resources in one place.

  • Relational Database

  • Content Repository

  • Customizable Search

Idea Management

Collect ideas from employees or external communities and develop the most promising solutions.

  • Idea Management Funnel 

  • Gamification 

  • Crowdvoting & Collaboration

Integrated Innovation Platform

Enable all of SkipsoLabs innovation products on one integrated innovation platform.

Use Cases

See the different ways customers are utilizing our platform to power their innovation programs.


A complete technology scouting package to help your organization discover the most innovative technologies, start-ups and innovators.

  • Access a global community of innovators

  • Open your innovation challenge to a wider audience  

  • Match external technologies with internal requirements

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