Employee Engagement 
& Intrapreneurship

Tap into the collective knowledge of your employees to build a culture of innovation and Intrapreneurship

An Innovation platform to help you
manage your  Idea accelerator


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Get buy-in across the business


Easily track program progress and performance


Don’t waste time updating spreadsheets and databases


Increased transparency and collaboration around innovation

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Propel internal innovation

Your employees are your greatest source of innovation. Encourage them to contribute with high-value ideas and strategic insights.

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Idea sharing

Champion a culture of innovation by running open calls or challenges to let employees develop solutions to company-wide innovation initiatives.

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Guide your employees through your innovation process by allocating the correct tasks or documentation necessary to advance their idea to the next stage.

Internal Innovation

Streamline program management

Streamline the end-to-end management of your program.

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Intuitive interface

Deploy your incentive through a branded web portal specifically designed to encourage participation in your initiative.

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Pipeline management

Utilize the platform’s idea submission, selection, and evaluation functionalities to help program administrators run programs efficiently.

Program Management

Foster your internal innovation community

Breakdown organizational silos to foster a community of innovation in your organization, enabling all employees to reach key decision makers.

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Allow your employees to easily connect with innovation teams and senior management through communication and collaboration tools on your internal innovation platform.

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External innovation

Share knowledge of external innovation partners and activities within your organization.

Innovation Community

Find the right  software solution for your Employee Engagement or Intrapreneurship program.

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Open Calls & Challenges

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Idea & Portfolio Management

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Innovation Ecosystem

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Integrated Innovation Platform

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Checklist: What to consider when running a challenge or award program

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The SkipsoLabs team has worked incredibly hard to make the program an outstanding success. The team’s effort as well as the high flexibility of their online awards management platform were absolutely essential for the great overall success of this program!

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~ Innovation Team 

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