Key advantages:

Why you should use this use case

Key Advantages

  • Our configurable workflow engine allows enabling additional use cases related to the evaluation of innovative projects or candidates
  • Manage RFP (Request for Proposal) processes: evaluate, approve and manage suppliers through a single platform
  • Retain full control and ownership of your member and vendor data, stored securely and privately within our enterprise-class infrastructure

Costumer Success Stories

  • An international bank uses our platform to evaluate innovative startups and assess whether or not they are eligible for funding. They have configured a custom scorecard that generates a score and a ranking, based on answers to a specific set of questions. The investment team evaluates new projects by going through this online scorecard, and is able to rank all projects and startups based on the scores they generated. The top startups are then followed up on.
  • A leading Fortune 500 company is using the platform to decide whether to make a permanent employment offer to the interns in their annual internship program. Every year hundreds of interns participate in the internship program globally, though, only a few receive an offer at the end of the 6-month period. Leveraging the platform’s workflow engine, the client is able to assess candidates through multiple evaluation steps, always engaging the staff and team members relevant to each.

Best Suited To


Corporate M&A, HR, procurement teams looking for a configurable workflow engine to help them in the evaluation of projects, candidates or suppliers


Government agencies who need to manage RFP processes in an automated and secure way


Universities and educational institutions who need to manage the application and selection of candidates to their programs.