Key advantages:

Why you should use this use case

Key Advantages

  • Advanced built-in recommendation engine and data-driven algorithm to match supply and demand for services
  • Additional revenue stream generation from registrations and transactions enabled in the virtual marketplace

Costumer Success Stories

  • The Intesa Sanpaolo Tech Marketplace is an online environment where innovative tech startups join to offer their products and services, while established businesses join to source such offers. The ultimate goal is to maximize the number of successful business matches enabled by the platform. In addition to personalized databases and profiling tools, this use case leverages our customizable matching algorithm.
  • The platform we customized for the U.S. Department of Energy relies on the advanced match-making functionality, in addition to the ability to fund startups admitted to the program with virtual currency. This virtual currency is then used by the teams to buy products and services from pre-approved consultants and service providers who showcase their offerings on the platform. The platform enables and manages the full workflow of these marketplace exchange transactions. Once the products or services are successfully delivered, the Department of Energy pays back the providers in actual currency.

Best Suited To


Vertical communities, whose ecosystems driven by demand and supply of products and services, need to be enabled in a centralized cloud platform.


Government agencies who aim to foster innovation and job creation through collaboration, engagement and knowledge-sharing.