Key advantages:

Why you should use this use case

Let the world be your R&D lab. Find the most innovative products, solutions, technologies, startups, and industry leaders to acquire or partner with, globally. Challenge the world's top experts in your industry to solve product development roadblocks or innovation challenges faster. Recruit the best talent.

Key Advantages

  • Launch large scale, international competitions to discover the most innovative new solutions or partners
  • Complement internal R&D efforts while tapping into a much broader, global market to scout for innovation
  • Accelerate your pace of innovation at a much lower cost
  • Invest only in solutions that meet your specific requirements
  • Drive your innovation ROI with tangible top- and bottom-line results
  • Leave all the time-consuming tasks associated with running competitions to our dedicated platform and team.

Best Suited To


Businesses and innovation teams who need to overcome R&D roadblocks or scout for new startups and technologies to acquire or partner with


Non-profits who fund the discovery and implementation of game-changing technologies


Government agencies who invest in innovative research projects to drive innovation and foster entrepreneurship