Technology & Talent Scouting

Let the world be your R&D lab. Find the most innovative technologies, startups and industry leaders to acquire or partner with, globally.

Call for innovation

For many organizations identifying high-value technology opportunities can prove to be a challenging task without the right process in place. Open calls for innovation encourage organizations, startups and innovators to come to you with their technology offerings, saving you immeasurably on time and costs. With SkipsoLabs you can eliminate all the time-consuming tasks associated with running open calls by utilizing our dedicated platform to manage your project.

Across the globe

The right innovation can exist anywhere, however geographic constraints can sometimes limit the scope of a scouting project. As part of our tech scouting service SkipsoLabs also offers comprehensive global market outreach support, to help bring the right applicants to your open call. Regardless of where in the world the right technology or talent may be situated, we can help you find it.

Scouting ROI

Today innovation moves at a rapid speed. Traditional R&D processes can stagnate technology development and cause a serious strain on costs. With technology scouting companies can find solutions to their innovation challenge immediately, maximizing their profit margins and cementing their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Product used for Technology & Talent Scouting

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Mergers and Acquisitions has increasingly become an integral way in which companies grow, expanding their franchise into new markets and with new customers, consolidating with rivals and adding new capabilities and opportunities.

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