Manage all your social innovation initiatives and build a network that encourages interaction between social innovators and key stakeholders

An Innovation platform to help you
manage your Innovation challenges NGO programs funding initiatives social innovation ecosystems citizen engagement programs


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Evaluate and prioritize awards of funding or assistance


Use one tool for your website, sourcing, evaluation, pipeline, and community management


Store events, learning resources, funding opportunities, or community members in one place


Gather relevant information about how winners are progressing with their initiatives

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Source innovators

Encourage organizations, startups, and innovators to enrich your social innovation initiatives via open calls or challenges.

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Web portal

Build a customized and branded website to run all your social innovation open calls and challenges.

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Allow participants to easily make submissions on the portal and engage them in a structured evaluation process.

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Tailor the workflow of your social innovation initiative by running a simple single-phase program or more a complex multi-phase / multi-category program.


Manage funding opportunities

Manage all social funding opportunities in one place and ensure social innovators can find the right resources for them.

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Funding database

Create a customized fund database and monitor all funding activity on your platform.

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KPI and task tracking

Monitor organizations that receive funding through automated KPI and task tracking

Funding Opportunities

Build your social ecosystem

Build a hub to advance social innovation, which can include government, corporates, SMEs, and NGO partners.

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Create a customized database of all your community members, program, and funding opportunities.

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Centralize all your social innovation resources, such as events, content, news, on the platform.

Find the right software solution for your Social Innovation program.

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Open Calls & Challenges

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Idea & Portfolio Management

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Innovation Ecosystem

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Integrated Innovation Platform

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Ebook: How to manage your  corporate innovation process

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SkipsoLabs was one of our trusted partners for deploying the Electrolux Open Innovation strategy. Not only was the platform simple and user friendly, but their team was always available to find new ways to help us source the most innovative solutions globally.

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~ Innovation Team 

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