Comprehensive Crowdsourcing & Ideation Solutions for Corporate and Social Enterprises 

Product Development

Collaborate with external innovators to develop new products and services, increasing output while reducing time-to-market and development costs.

Employee Engagement

Tap into the collective intelligence of your staff and employees to identify new business opportunities, improve internal processes and create a culture of innovation.

Customer Insights

Launch large-scale crowdsourcing campaigns to tap into your customers' insights and gather new ideas.

Video or Image Sourcing

Launch a video, design or branding campaign soliciting unique concepts or proposals, and enable voting on entries.

Built-in Ideation Platform Features

A simple and intuitive interface to help you and your team manage the end-to-end ideation process and community

Save time and resources with our secure admin application designed to streamline your crowdsourcing processes from one location.

Complete reports and analytics on your key metrics

Maintain complete control and ownership of crowdsourcing ecosystem stakeholders and intelligence throughout the entire program lifecycle.

Customize your crowdsourcing campaign

Having managed open contests and crowdsourcing platforms, we know that every initiative is different. Our system allows you to configure and administer custom crowdsourcing campaigns, matching your exact requirements, through a modular, easy-to-use setup wizard.

Engage your communities and leverage game mechanics to increase participation and insights

The SkipsoLabs platform allows you to easily design and set up your personalized gamification system: decide which user activities trigger points, set thresholds to unlock badges, enable public leaderboards and more.

A dedicated profile page for users to manage their profiles and profile visibility

A summary dashboard displays each user’s key activity indicators: ideas submitted, votes submitted / received, overall points and standings, badges.

 A live feed stream displays all user activity.

Harness community ideas using the highly modular and customizable submission form wizard

Supercharge your co-creation environment by allowing users to build upon other innovative ideas.

Community participants can attach supporting materials and assets to their idea submissions: videos, images, documents, drawings or presentations. 

Proposals can be saved as drafts and reviewed prior to submitting. 

Foster community activity and collaboration

Allow your members to comment, collaborate on, publisize and vote on their ideas, blogs, and content through social features.

Enable a voting system that's best suited to your crowdsourcing initiative. 

Use game mechanics to further foster ideation

Users earn points, badges and reputation by being active within the community. Our interactive leaderboards display top ideas and the most active community members.

Secure access to a private application

Your team or external reviewers can review and rate the ideas and submissions they like (these could be all the ideas, or just a subset of the idea pool, e.g. the top ones as voted by the community).

Efficiently browse through and review hundreds of submissions 

A simple dashboard provides an overview of submissions to-date. The configurable interface allows you to search, filter and sort submissions using your preferred criteria.

Handy tagging system

To help reviewers organize and filter through multiple submissions, submissions can be tagged using keywords or comments to share with other reviewers. 

Automated notifications

Team members and reviewers can opt for automated notifications triggered when ideas that match their preferences and criteria are submitted to the platform.


SkipsoLabs helped us launch a complex global video crowdsourcing contest with heavy multi-media submissions in 8 different languages. Their ongoing technical support throughout the program was outstanding.

Diamara Parodi Delfino
EXPO 2015, Short Food Movie

SkipsoLabs supports our Open Innovation team at Electrolux by helping us reach out to global innovators and scout innovative solutions within our core strategic product areas. SkipsoLabs' dedicated software platform delivers a clear and streamlined innovation process.

Chiara Ciardetti
Global R&D Electrolux Group

SkipsoLabs has supported our Cleantech Challenge Mexico website and contest platform for the last 3 years. It has been a smooth and productive relationship all along. Their staff has always been very helpful and our platform has helped us manage our competitions very efficiently.

Ingrid V. Sánchez
Cleantech Challenge Mexico Program Manager



Who Needs a Robust Ideation Platform?



Generate innovative ideas for your products and services by tapping into the expertise of internal and external communities.



Tap into communities of experts worldwide and find ground-breaking solutions to complex challenges affordably.


Government Agencies

Engage citizens, gather their ideas and feedback, and create a more open and transparent government system.



Launch, run, and manage business plan and research competitions targeting students, faculty, alumni, and entrepreneurs.


What Can SkipsoLabs' Top Crowdsourcing Platform Help You Achieve?


Crowdsource Faster

Tap into thousands of innovators worldwide to find solutions to your challenges faster.


Peace of Mind

Our software platform and experienced team will handle all the time-consuming tasks associated with running a competition..


Crowdsource More Cost Effectively

Only fund solutions that meet your specific requirements, driving your innovation ROI with tangible top and bottom-line results.


Keep Member Data Safe

Full control and ownership of your members' data, complete privacy and security within our enterprise-class infrastructure.