create an innovation cluster

Connect your industrial or geographic cluster

What is it for

Map Cluster Resources

Map, profile, and display people, companies, resources and assets in your industry cluster.

Foster Collaboration

Bring all of your stakeholders together in a private online environment designed to share ideas and foster innovation.

A simple and intuitive interface to help you, and your team, manage your end to end cluster platform and community.

Save time and resources with our private admin application designed to streamline all the activities of your cluster platform from a central location and enable or disable platform modules and functionality according to requirements.

Have total control and ownership of users who join the platform.

We have built a set of tools specifically designed to help you manage your community of users as well as the companies and organizations associated to them.

Allows to manage cluster platform members and companies from a centralized location: invite multiple members, remove members, download members to excel format, manage members requests (e.g. change of names, cancellation requests), bulk upload company profiles and more.

A full set of tools and functionality to enable comprehensive communication and content sharing between cluster managers and the cluster community

Functionality includes: broadcast messages, newsletters, discussion forums, centralized blog engine, notifications management system, external news feed and poll management system.

Launch your innovation contests to foster participation

To stimulate activity and participation within the platform, cluster managers can easily set-up and manage open innovation or generic contests with a built-in contest management system.

Bring together your cluster ecosystem

A full suite of professional networking, profile and contact management tools as well as content and communications features to bring together the cluster ecosystem in a private collaboration environment.

Map all your cluster resources

An intuitive map displaying all of the cluster assets and resources making it easy for users to browse the platform and find what they are looking for.

Promote your company and post requirements

A module that allows cluster member companies and partner organizations to create their profiles, promote their services, post their business requirements (job vacancies, project support, funding requests) and invite other cluster members to follow progress on their dedicated profile page.

Are you looking for funding?

The Funding module is the meeting point for cluster companies / entrepreneurs and investors.

  • A dedicated section to allow Investor companies within the cluster to create their profile, promote their services and interact with other members to follow progress on their dedicated profile page.

  • Allows individual or corporate members to post specific funding requests for their projects and businesses.

  • An advanced directory and repository to post and share funding opportunities and grants.

Join a contest. Submit a solution. Earn an award.

An area for users to join cluster sponsored competitions or competitions on behalf of external companies. A full set of tools and functionality to manage the entire contest providing a great user experience for organizers, participants and judges.

In addition to the functionality described above SkipsoLabs, through its API, supports the interaction and data exchange between:

  • Multiple clusters within your ecosystem

  • Your cluster and other clusters part of SkipsoLabs’s innovation cloud


Skipso provides the perfect platform that Cleantech cluster were looking for to drive collaboration and Cleantech innovation both on a national and global level.

Christian Haeuselmann
Swisscleantech and GCCA co-founder

SkipsoLabs helped us launch a complex global video crowdsourcing contest with heavy multi-media submissions in 8 different languages. Their ongoing technical support throughout the program was outstanding.

Diamara Parodi Delfino
EXPO 2015, Short Food Movie

SkipsoLabs supports our Open Innovation team at Electrolux by helping us reach out to global innovators and to scout innovative solutions within our core strategic product areas. SkipsoLabs' dedicated software platform delivers a clear and streamlined innovation process..

Chiara Ciardetti
Global R&D Electrolux Group



Who Needs it


Industry Clusters

Clusters in different industry verticals, so that they can map their assets and give their internal and external stakeholders an easy way to work together.


Trade Associations

Who want to profile, connect, and engage their members in a dedicated and secure collaboration space.


Government Agencies

That aim to foster innovation and job creation through collaboration, engagement and knowledge sharing.


Other Organizations

Like chambers of commerce or event organizers, so that they can create and manage a private community and ecosystem with a focus on innovation.


How will this benefit you?


Map Your Assets

By understanding all of your cluster assets, you can optimize the flow of information within your ecosystem. That way, it's easy to foster knowledge, sharing, and innovation.



Use the platform to generate additional revenue streams from advertising and sponsored competitions.


Save Time and Money

Instead of taking the time to manage your website or paying someone to make changes and fixes, we do it all for you – at a price you can be happy with.


Keep Member Data Safe

You have full control and ownership of your members' data. Everything is completely private and totally secure.