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SkipsoLabs Partnership Opportunities

SkipsoLabs’ partnership programs are for innovation consultancies and agencies that are looking to expand their innovation offerings to clients. Broaden your services and help your clients achieve strategic growth with the help of our powerful innovation management software solution. 

If you feel that your clients can benefit from implementing SkipsoLabs, check out the different ways in which we can partner below. We can’t wait to have you onboard!

Our Partner Programs

Referral Partners

We understand the value of good referral partnerships. SkipsoLabs’ Referral program provides our partners with a simple and profitable way to introduce their network and clients to SkipsoLabs’ Innovation Management Software. 

Find out more about how to easily become a referral partner. 

Solution Partners

Grow your innovation business with SkipsoLabs. SkipsoLabs' Solution Partner program provides partners with an opportunity to work with SkipsoLabs directly to provide Innovation Management solutions for their clients, through the duration of any project.

Find out how you can become a solutions partner today. 

You are in good company

We partner with some great organizations, see what they have to say about partnering with us.

Since 2017 Guidehouse has worked in close collaboration with SkipsoLabs to design, develop, and launch the Empower Innovation Network. SkipsoLabs has demonstrated passion, dedication, and hard work during our partnership to create a powerful platform to empower the cleantech community worldwide. The SkipsoLabs team is responsive and manages our platform development in an efficient & thorough manner.

Laura Vogel, Associate Director

Since 2016 iCatalysts has worked in close collaboration with Navigant Consulting and SkipsoLabs to plan for, design, develop and launch the Empower Innovation Network.  SkipsoLabs has been a partner in this journey in every way.  SkipsoLabs' has demonstrated passion, vision, dedication, creativity and hard work in our work together to create a powerful platform to empower the cleantech community worldwide.  

Thomas Jensen, Director

We have supported a number of clients over the years to design new ways of driving community engagement across industry sectors and delivering innovation acceleration programs. SkipsoLabs is our go-to for taking these programs virtual. The platform functionality and flexibility in conjunction with the personalised service means we can deliver virtual solutions tailored to our specific program needs every time.

Christina Belperio
Hydra Consulting