Create your own innovation marketplace. Connect people with products and enable monetary or virtual transactions.  

  • Build a marketplace

    Kick start and fast track your online marketplace.

  • Enable collaboration

    Facilitate and enable community collaboration and interactions.

  • Monetize 

    Generate additional revenue streams from registrations and transactions.

  • Make it fun

    Allocate virtual currency to be spent on real products and services.

Key Platform Features

Create your innovation marketplace, matching supply and demand.

Create a customized marketplace experience

Our configurable workflow engine allows you to create a completely tailor-made marketplace experience. You can create the end-to-end user journey for different user groups, personalized profiles and storefronts, configure payment terms, while fostering participation and interactions by leveraging recommendation and collaboration tools.

Build beautiful product storefronts

The marketplace platform allows you to create rich and beautiful product storefronts for your community. Completely branded according to your guidelines, tailored to how you want users to describe their products and supported by rich media.

Flexible payment gateway

Monetizing your innovation community may be one of your primary goals. The platform contains a configurable payment gateway that can be enabled at any point in your desired flow.

Make recommended matches between entities

In order to maximize the number of interactions on the platform you can enable our proprietary matching algorithm. Create and personalize your own matching rules that will be then used by the platform’s recommendation engine to suggest best matches based on user profiles and preferences.

It was very fortuitous to be introduced to SkipsoLabs in early 2013 and to have been able to develop and grow our partnership over the years.

Sevra Davis
Director of Design, The RSA

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