Innovation Mapping

Create your own startup database to meet your organization's innovation objectives. Gain important insights into startups and discover new innovations.  

Map resources

Map all your startup resources on a centralized database. Gain important insights into relevant startups, facilitate relationships between key stakeholders and startups, and discover new technologies which can address your innovation challenges.

Easily find what you are looking for

Have all the information you're looking for at hand. Customize your database taxonomy to meet the specific requirements of your innovation program. Effortlessly browse through the platform utilizing the advanced search functionality or enable the recommendation matching tool to make matches between entities, helping to facilitate gainful partnerships.

Data integration

Third-party startup databases are great, but they don’t allow you to integrate data from your own innovation program. Many organizations need to consolidate all their innovation data together in order to ensure the successful management of their programs. With SkipsoLabs you can easily integrate any data relevant to your innovation program directly within your startup database, allowing you to create a centralized repository  of all your innovation activities.

Products used for Innovation Mapping

Find the right software solution to help you manage your Innovation Mapping program.

As disruption continues to strengthen its grip on corporate strategies, leaders are on an unprecedented journey toward reinvention through innovation.

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