Innovation Ecosystem

Create your own innovation ecosystem to seamlessly manage all of your innovation assets.

  • Organize your data

    Organize all your innovation assets in a way that works for your team.

  • Innovation community

    Create a network of internal innovation business leaders and external partners. 

  • Innovation insights

    Aggregate data and content to provide your community with key insights.

  • Personalized Metrics

    Configure personalized innovation dashboards to track key metrics to inform your business strategy.

Key platform features

Map, profile and correlate all your innovation-related assets and resources in a customized innovation database.

Create a customized innovation database

Map and connect multiple data resources (experts, partners and suppliers, content, events and other resources) on a single platform. If all your innovation data is currently managed on Excel or other platforms, SkipsoLabs allows you to centralize and enrich your innovation database by pulling additional information from external data sources via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Bring all your assets together on a single, customizable, innovation database solution, where you can easily generate reports and gain valuable insights. 

Foster a community within your ecosystem

Allow users to send group messages through segmented lists, and create custom profile pages for any entities that are part of your innovation ecosystem (e.g. organizations, experts, members, mentors). Your team can help keep users engaged via targeted emails, digests/newsletters and by providing directories of useful content to selected user groups, such as learning resources, events and legal documents.

Customize your taxonomy and search

As you aggregate more data on your centralized platform, browsing and searching for relevant datasets becomes critical for your team and other internal or external stakeholders. Our highly customizable solution allows you to easily tailor your entire innovation ecosystem, making your data management process effective and intuitive.

Granular privacy settings

Set granular privacy settings to share the right set of information with specific target user groups in order to guarantee the desired levels of data security and confidentiality. This also helps you to provide a personalized user experience based on user groups/types. 

Export and bulk import data

Whether you are looking to export a subset of your database to Excel, or whether you want to export a PDF one-pager of an individual profile page, the platform allows you to easily do so. You can also bulk upload data directly to the platform that you already have on a spreadsheet.


Innovation Matching Module

Enhance your Innovation Ecosystem with the Innovation Matching module. The add-on module allows you to enable match-making between users and entities in your ecosystem, utilizing the technology of a powerful matching algorithm. Make matches based on user interests, expertise and other profile characteristics. Further engage your ecosystem by enabling the semantic matching function of the module and automatically make suggestions of relevant entities or content to users based on their profiles. 

SkipsoLabs was one of our trusted partners for deploying the Electrolux Open Innovation strategy. Not only was the platform simple and user friendly, but their team were always available to find new ways to help us source the most innovative solutions globally.

Manuel Silva
Open Innovation Project Manager, Electrolux Group

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