Crowdsourcing Innovation

Tap into the collective intelligence of the crowd. Source ideas for new products and services, collect feedback and insights and identify new opportunities that advance your strategic objectives by crowdsourcing innovation.


Engage the crowd

Transform the way you ideate. Breakdown organizational silos to encourage employees to contribute with high-value ideas, or look beyond your organization's walls to source insights from external experts. 

Maximize engagement

Stimulate user engagement for your initiative by customizing a platform interface that inspires participation.


Configure a customized program workflow tailored to the framework of your initiative.


Streamline idea management

Source ideas at a rapid pace, and monitor and evaluate them in the most productive way. 

Ideation flow

Create your idea pipeline for your crowdsourcing initiative and seamlessly take ideas from one stage of development to the next.

Team members

As ideas go through the stages of the ideation funnel, assign different users or teams to develop ideas. Facilitate discussions and collaborations and promote idea development.


Cut costs with a data-driven approach

Develop creative ideas, achieve complex solutions in a short span and remove cost barriers allowing for product early market-entry.

Monitor performance

Effectively track program performance on your crowdsourcing platform through custom dashboards and ensure you are meeting targets.

Resource management

Draw in the right resources to meet the exact requirements of your project and maximize innovation ROI.

Modules used for Crowdsourcing Innovation

Find the right software solution for your Crowdsourcing Innovation program.

Crowdsourcing offers a way for enterprises to find new solutions and to offer otherwise frustrated and nomadic employees a greater diversity of work. It’s also creating new opportunities for individuals to change the way they work, learn new skills and earn rewards wherever they are, even in remote corners of the planet.

Enterprise crowdsourcing and the growing fragmentation of work

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