Integrated Innovation Platform 

Integrate all of SkipsoLabs innovation management products on one platform.  

  • One single tool 

    Manage all your innovation programs on one integrated software platform.

  • Controlled access

    Personalize data access and platform functionality.

  • Consolidated data 

    Create a centralized repository with all your users, resources and data.

  • Cost savings

    Save on time and resources by utilizing only one innovation solution.

Manage the full lifecycle
of your program


Source and Evaluate

Launch an open innovation program to crowdsource ideas, startups, or proposals from your employees, external communities, suppliers or customers. Stimulate user participation and activity through the platform’s intuitive interface and allow participants to submit entries with ease. Seamlessly coordinate the evaluation process with your judges and discover ideas that will give your business the strategic edge. 



Manage and Collaborate

Take your ideas from concept to implementation. Track, prioritize, and evaluate ideas, projects and proposals across an active pipeline. Customize the platform inline with your workflow and utilize collaboration tools to engage your key stakeholders to work on your projects. Obtain insights on key program metrics and foster market viable solutions. 



Continuously Innovate

Create an ecosystem of all your innovation initiatives. Build databases to map all your innovation assets in one place and create a community to encourage engagement and foster innovation. Maintain control and ownership over all your innovation programs and ecosystem assets on the secure innovation software application.


SkipsoLabs Product Suite

Enable all of SkipsoLabs products to form a complete innovation solution.

Since 2017 Guidehouse has worked in close collaboration with SkipsoLabs to design, develop, and launch the Empower Innovation Network. SkipsoLabs has demonstrated passion, dedication, and hard work during our partnership to create a powerful platform to empower the cleantech community worldwide.

Laura Vogel, Associate Director

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