Citizen Engagement

Entrust your citizens to develop ideas that will help better society. Facilitate a citizen engagement program to gather solutions, facilitate community collaboration, and inform local government decisions.


Call on citizens to develop solutions to local problems

Legitimize the opinions of your citizens by giving them a citizen engagement platform to share and develop their ideas to enrich collective governance.


Utilize collaboration tools to spark conversations around key ideas, and public voting to involve citizens in highlighting the most promising ideas.


Incentivise participation in your program by employing the gamification functionality to reward engagement.


Take the best ideas to the next level

Develop and manage ideas that have the potential to make a real impact in your community.


Evaluate ideas according to predefined criteria and customized scorecards, and add weighting to criteria.


Decide what actions to take with each project. Assign ideas to key stakeholders for evaluation and easily grant or restrict access to project data as you see fit.


Develop online communities with a purpose

Enrich your society by building a community of citizens working together towards a common goal.


Create a customized database of community members. Let users build profiles to showcase their offerings and ideas, facilitate communication through user-messaging and discussion tools, and make recommended matches between entities in your community to encourage powerful collaborations.

Products used for Citizen Engagement

Find the right software solution to help you manage your Citizen Engagement program.

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