Open Calls & Challenges

Launch an open call or challenge to crowdsource the most innovative ideas, technologies and solutions.  

  • External innovation

    Challenge thousands of innovators worldwide to find solutions to your biggest challenges.

  • Internal ideation

    Harness the collective knowledge of your employees to discover untapped insights within your organization. 

  • Rapid solutions

    Accelerate your innovation initiatives by automating the process of running challenges and open calls.

  • Innovation ROI

    Drive ROI by only funding solutions that meet your exact requirements.

Key Platform Features

With our Open Calls & Challenges solution we help your team easily customize, automate and manage every step of your innovation program.

Create your branded challenge website

Whether you are looking to integrate our challenge product within your existing website, or to create a completely branded and standalone website, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Customize your program workflow

With the Open Calls & Challenges platform you can run a simple single-phase program with a single submission category, or a more complex multi-phase / multi-category program with different user types, allowing you to easily tailor the flow of the program.

Automate the end-to-end submission management process

A simple interface allows innovators and participants to join your open call and submit their entries using predefined, custom submission forms. Users can attach various supporting materials and assets to submissions, including: videos, images, documents, drawings or presentations.

Configure a dedicated judging process and scorecards

The most challenging part of any contest or open innovation program is coordinating the judging process with senior experts, judges or investors. Our secure and highly intuitive platform allows you to coordinate the process with ease, being highly accessible and intuitive for senior professionals with limited time.

Easily manage your challenge community

The platform features a set of tools specifically designed to help you manage your community of users throughout the entire program lifecycle. Manage all users and submissions from a central location, run usage reports, search and sort by multiple criteria, export data, check for incomplete registrations and send group or one-to-one messages and notifications.

We are very happy with the platform and the amount of applications received so far. Prior to opening the platform, we were worried whether the platform would be easy enough to use for people from the developing world who are using mostly mobile phones. Looking at the number of applications we are happy to confirm that the platform is very user-friendly.

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Islamic Development Bank

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