Candidate Evaluation & Recruitment

Centralize all your hiring activities on one platform to help streamline the recruitment process.

Your recruitment hub

For recruitment managers the multiple stages of the recruitment process, from budget allocation to candidate evaluation, can be a complicated task to manage. Centralize requests for new candidate hires and projects with SkipsoLabs to help you keep track of all your hiring activities.

Make effective evaluations

Build custom scorecards on the platform to easily make evaluations on candidates and projects. Utilize the platforms collaboration functionalities to assign candidate evaluations to relevant parties; from the hiring manager, to the team allocating budget, and through to the HR department.

Engage your stakeholders

Take the hassle out of engaging all your stakeholders during the recruitment process. No need to send countless follow up emails to inform the team about new developments, allow relevant stakeholders to be involved in every step of the process. Effortlessly streamline your recruitment workflow to take candidates and projects through the various stages of recruitment with all your stakeholders. 

Products used for Candidate Evaluation & Recruitment

Find the right software solution to help you manage your VC / Fund Portfolio.

The potential for digital platforms to underpin and grow the world of work is unbounded. They already play an essential role in matching skills to employer, capital to investor and consumer to supplier. 

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