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Manage every step of your startup Accelerator or Incubator program on one single platform.

An Innovation platform to help you
manage your virtual incubator


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Manage and monitor all startup cohorts and alumni


Easily match and assign mentors to relevant startups


Use one tool for all your applications, evaluation, and pipeline management


Easily handle 100's and 1000's of applications and submissions

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Scout startups across the globe

Easily streamline the startup scouting process with a platform designed for managing open calls for innovation.

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Startup applications

Run a global call for innovative startups and accept and manage applications for your accelerator or incubator.

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Startup database

Build a comprehensive innovation database of startups and mentors and integrate with third-party databases when necessary.

Scout Startups

Efficiently manage the evaluation process

Make the right startup selections and foster partnerships that are most relevant for your program.

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Evaluate and select startups according to pre-defined criteria and customized scorecards set up on your accelerator platform.

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Effectively configure and manage the workflow so that only top startups are advanced through your program stages.


Find the right mentor

Encourage collaborative relationships that promote innovation within your community.

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Mentor matching

Leverage the matching functionality to easily match selected startups with mentors or experts to facilitate productive consulting and guidance relationships.

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KPI and task tracking

Track your startup projects' progress, assign coaching hours for your mentorship program, and record your monthly accelerator portfolio revenue. Keep track of all your tasks on the platform.

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Guide your cohort

Allow your cohort to provide the right information and updates on their progress at the right stage of their involvement in your program.

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Keep your community engagement in one place

Share updates on events, news and other program information via newsletters and host all this content on the platform, to encourage alumni and other community members to continue checking in.


Find the right software solution for your Accelerator or Incubator.

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Open Calls & Challenges

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Idea & Portfolio Management

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Innovation Ecosystem

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Integrated Innovation Platform

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Case Study: An look at Syngenta's awards management platform

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For the past 6 years, SkipsoLabs has helped Cleantech Open power our national accelerator by matching experienced mentors with participating startups. The SkipsoLabs platform is an integral piece of our accelerator program and has helped us streamline our processes so we can focus on what matters most: our startups. Working with the SkipsoLabs team is a great experience as they provide us with seamless customer service.

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~ Innovation Team 
Cleantech Open

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