Key advantages:

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Key Advantages

  • Automate and streamline every step of your hackathon program
  • Host all your hackathons simultaneously in one platform
  • Provide a seamless and connected user experience to all stakeholders: participants, teams, mentors, judges, organizers
  • Provide value before and after the hackathon by building a broader community that can be continuously re-engaged

Costumer Success Story

Organizing a hackathon program can be a daunting task, unless you can automate all phases in the process with a single solution:

  • Phase 1: Call for Talent / Participants: in this phase, you need a web platform where you can promote your hackathon and collect applications.
  • Phase 2: Selection of Participants: in this phase, you need to filter through hundreds of applications and select those that best fit the type of program you are running. In a typical hackathon it’s best to include people with different skill sets (front-end and back-end developers, designers, marketers, etc). Thus, you will need a system that can group talent by expertise so you can easily select the best.
  • Phase 3: Assigning to Mentors / Team Leaders: often, a group of experts from the organizing entity will be invited to select the participants they would like to work with, prior or during the hackathon. Team members can also get together and form teams; thus, both of these scenarios need to be supported by the platform.
  • Phase 4: Finale: in this phase, the output of the 1- or 2-day hackathon program is ready to present. Teams usually prepare a slide deck, a product prototype or a demo that they can submit through the platform, which would then be evaluated by the judging panel.

Best Suited To


Corporates, incubators and accelerators looking for a platform to automate every step of their hackathon programs


Consulting companies who organize and manage hackathon programs on behalf of their clients and need a platform to streamline and automate all phases.