Key advantages:

Why you should use this use case

Key Advantages

  • Develop and run a global innovation ecosystem within a single platform
  • Centralized database, mapping all innovation-related resources
  • Highly customizable solution (taxonomy, relationships, privacy settings, etc.)
  • Easily integrated with external data sources through API

Costumer Success Story

The client's innovation network features numerous innovation brokers each running multiple open calls, challenges and tech scouting programs for thousands of startups and solutions. The company needed a single repository where they could:

  • Browse through thousands of resources and vendors
  • Manage ideas and startups and track their sources (challenges or open calls)
  • Manage the entire innovation pipeline with a custom workflow
  • Engage internal stakeholders to crowdsource ideas, collect feedback on new requirements, evaluate new projects and startups.

Best Suited To


Large corporates looking to map, profile and correlate all their innovation- related assets (people, startups, partners, projects, patents, ideas, content, resources)


Government agencies, industrial clusters, associations aiming to foster innovation and job creation through collaboration, engagement and knowledge-sharing.