The challenge


Intesa Sanpaolo has a long tradition of fostering innovation by working with both startups as well as small, medium and large companies. In order to further build this innovation ecosystem the bank was looking for a robust way to connect startups and innovators with companies seeking innovation in various sector.

To help Intesa Sanpaolo fulfil this ambition, SkipsoLabs developed the Intesa Tech Marketplace: a full-fledged ecosystem where innovative tech startups can meet and collaborate with established organizations looking for the products and services they offer.

Currently, the Intesa Tech Marketplace provides the ecosystem with the following functionality, while new features are being added on a regular basis:

  •  A technology directory facilitating the search for the type of technology, product or service sought or offered
  •  A recommendation engine that leverages a personalized matching algorithm, built to facilitate and encourage business matches between technology offer and technology demand
  • A messaging platform, enabling collaboration between ecosystem participants with the goal of establishing mutually beneficial business relationships
  • A social module facilitating the interaction between ecosystem participants and the exchange of content and assets
  • Access to industry events, news and research studies, white papers, trend reports and how-to guides across numerous tech sectors
  • The ability to sign up for a weekly newsletter highlighting industry news and featured tech innovators


As a result of the collaboration between Intesa Sanpaolo and SkipsoLabs, a growing ecosystem of tech startups and corporate innovators is now firmly in place, providing networking and business opportunities for those involved, and adding real value through members-only access to technology news and trends, events, newsletters and other exclusive content.