The challenge


The Syngenta Awards is a biennial internal program aimed at recognizing and celebrating the outstanding achievements of Syngenta teams and individuals, accessible to 40,000+ employees globally. Syngenta’s communications team had been running the awards program for 7 years using a bespoke platform. Throughout the years the system’s limitations in terms of functionality and flexibility became difficult to manage. That’s when Syngenta decided to engage a partner who could provide a hassle-free awards management platform, streamlining and automating the end-to-end process for awards managers, participants and judges.


To solve the complex requirements of Syngenta’s award program, SkipsoLabs built a flexible, modular system with a number of bespoke features that could be used to manage the entire process of collecting, processing and judging award entries.

Some of the unique features of the branded awards application include:

  • Intuitive user experience: award entries can be submitted individually or as a team through a simple interface and cus- tom-built forms
  • Single sign-on: integration with Syngenta’s IT systems allows access via single sign-on
  • Configurable workflow: ability to configure a complex awards workflow with multiple phases
  • Export function: entries can be exported, individually and in bulk
  • Configurable notification system: ability to send reminders to select participants and users
  • Messaging: one to one and in groups
  • User rights management: granular rights management allows close monitoring and control
  • Judging application: the company's judges have access to a mobile app where they can judge entries assigned to them, according to custom criteria defined in scorecards.
  • Reporting: a full set of reports and analytics are available through the reporting section
  • Certificate generation: users and award managers can view, download and print their participation certificates.


The Syngenta-branded, online awards management platform gave the company the high level of flexibility they desired through custom dashboards, form builders, workflows and scorecards. This made the entire awards management process much easier to set up, administer and report on. Teams from more than 50 countries, representing 35,000+ employees, entered the Syngenta Awards to share their inspirational stories, making the awards program a massive hit.